Monday, April 25, 2011

The day of catastrophe 15th May Let’s make it a black day in the human history

The Arab and Islamic nations had not seen in their long history a darker day than their day of catastrophe or day of calamity in Palestine. On that day the people of Palestine were assassinated in groups. The land of Palestine was torn off and extracted from the Arab and Islamic land in a moment of unawareness and betrayal, or a moment of conspiracy by some of the Arab rulers. The resolution that led to the creation of the state of the Zionist and raciest entity considered the people of Palestine as an extinct and non-existent. The politicians in the western countries had agreed at the time to proclaim this country on the land of Palestine in the biggest fraud in the human history. The appropriate departments of the UN issued the ownership deeds of the holy land to groups of gangsters that flocked from all over the world to make it their home land. Authors, poets and intellectuals have been quite innovative at describing that day for over sixty days.

Commemorating the day of catastrophe this year

If it is reasonable to mourn a loss then Palestine is more deserving to be mourned than the loss of our people, our children and all those who are dear to us. Palestine was the destination of the miraculous journey of Prophet Muhammad (peace and prayers be upon him). Palestine was the birth place of Christ and where many prophets had lived, and it is the land of the heavenly faiths, and Palestine contains the holiest and purest spot of land on earth. If it was our duty to support any oppressed group of people then Palestine and the people of Palestine ought to be the most deserving of our support than any other. Let us declare this to the entire world on the anniversary of the catastrophe of Palestine and our calamity in Palestine and in its stateless and oppressed people. The whole world must see the sadness in our eyes, and the resolve within us to deny the oppression befalling upon our people in Palestine. Let this be a warning to all humanity that we will not accept procrastinate beyond this year. We will not accept for the people of Palestine to remain without land after this year, and we will not remain silent towards this oppression no more. Let our motto be:
“15th of May is a Black Day”
I hereby call upon all peace loving Arab and Islamic nations who support the legitimate rights for the people of Palestine to show their solidarity with the people of Palestine and their just cause. They can show this by wearing a black outfit or a black garment on the day of catastrophe 15th May 2011. And I call upon them to raise black flags over buildings and in squares and public places, and placing some black symbols on their car windows and buildings as long as it does not interfere with the safety.

I call upon the youth especially the youth of the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Algeria and all other movements and organisations which denounce racism and support human rights to assemble to show their support for this cause. Let them hold carnivals and demonstrations in order to bring attention to this case and call for oppression to lifted off the people of Palestine.
I also call upon all the Arab and Islamic communities round the world to organise demonstrations and put on protesting stands and sit-ins outside the UN offices and presenting them with letters demanding the lifting of oppression off the people of Palestine.
We must not forget to remind the people of Palestine and their youth of their defining and historical duty towards Palestine. It is not right for the youth of the world to come out in support of Palestine while the Palestinian people are asleep. I call upon them to make the Intifada of independence and the Intifada of freedom. If the youth in Egypt and in Tunisia and Libya face death as a price of their freedom then it is only appropriate that the youth of Palestine ought to rise seeking death in order for honourable life to be gained. Only then the world will know that our patience has started to run out, and that we will not remain silent regarding oppression after today. No blame is to befall upon those who give prior notifications or warnings.
In order for us to be successful in such campaign for the sake of Palestine and the Palestinians, I call upon all activists on the social electronic groups to concentrate and coordinate their actions. This is required in order to translate this call into and real change on the ground which can bring forward the case of Palestine. We are going to need all efforts and energies that we can have in order for this year’s commemoration to be different. The intention here is purely for Allah, and no right is lost as long as someone is demanding it.

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