Thursday, February 24, 2011

Libya, the river of blood

The people of Libya are paying the price for freedom again. They paid during the Italian Fascist occupation where they lost half of the population in an unbalanced war. Mora than one thousand people have died already in the revolt, and we expect more than this number in the next few days. We believe that whatever we pay for freedom is worth it. We are surprised by the international community hypocritical position. They are comparing our blood against the oil. I mean the big powers and NATO. Why their position was clear and strong when it came to Eastern European people. Isn’t it a racist standard?

 We can feel how the people in the streets of Ireland feel about what is going on, and I am proud to be in Ireland. I am proud to be Libyan and I am proud to be Irish. I will never forget the stand of my fellow Irish men and women who stood with my people in Libya. In every step in my life I will work for the benefit of both of my countries. This is a moment of truth and I wish I was in Tripoli to fight with the unarmed civilians who are fighting a just war.

All what we want is freedom, equality, justice and democratic system of government, so please help us god.

 Please support the just Libyan cause. We need a strong stand from the EU now and not later. Believe me we will come out of this crises strong and we will deal with other countries on the basis of their position now. We are living without the oil now and we can live without it forever.

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