Saturday, April 9, 2011

رسالة الجالية الليبية في أيرلندة للسفير التركي

His Excellency the Ambassador of Turkey                                                         7th of April 2011
11 Clyde Road
Dublin 4
Dear Sir,
The Libyan community in Ireland is an integral part of the people of Libya. We follow closely the events in Libya, and like most Libyan people we are surprised by the fluctuating stand of the Turkish government. We take this opportunity to inform you, the Turkish people and government that we do not like what we see. As you know the relations between Libya and Turkey are deeply routed in history and should not be threatened or sacrificed for financial gains by a few companies. We are afraid that if this position continues to prevail, no Turkish company will be able to do any business in Libya. Simply they will be totally rejected by the people in the street. For example the people of Benghazi refused to accept aid shipment from Turkey this week.
 We advise your government to restore our good relations immediately by:
·         Recognising the Libyan National Council as the sole representative of The Libyan people.
·          Act positively to enforce UN Security Council resolutions and NATO efforts.
·          Cut any relations with Qaddafi’s regime, because it has lost legitimacy.
·          The Turkish prime minister, Mr Erdogan, to return the award he received from Qaddafi, because this is the right thing to do.
We hope that our views will find brotherly acceptance and can be translated into positive action that will bring our two people back together on the same boat of Mohammad Al Fateh.
Thank you for giving this issue your attention,
Sincerely yours,

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