Monday, March 21, 2011

The events in Libya

UN Security Council resolution number 1973 has changed the situation in Libya completely. This resolution has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living in Benghazi. A full army battalion was knocking on the city doors when French fighters came to the rescue of Benghazi. Libyans will never forget this favour from France. In addition France is the only country which has given recognition to the Libyan National Council which is leading the efforts to put Kaddafi into history books as a criminal. At this moment I know that Kaddafi’s foreign minister is looking for a country that might give him a refuge with his family. Many poor Libyans who were forced to flee their country because of his crimes: now he is forced to do the same!

Many people wonder how Libyans feel about the international force actions in Libya.  We have to remember that this force came to the rescue in response to the request of the people of Libya. It is a great moment in human history when men and women from several countries risk their lives to save the lives of innocent Libyans. Any reasonable person in Libya should agree to this even if he supported Kaddafi before. The actions of Kaddafi have no equal because no-one has ever murdered his own people before.
The Libyan people are grateful to all the people who stood beside them, but now we urgently need the Irish Government to recognise the Libyan National Council as the only legitimate representatives of the Libyan people.

 As a Libyan living in Ireland, the message I can deliver on behalf of the Libyan people to all Irish people is this “please talk to your representatives that we need not just words but action to support our just stand for democracy and freedom. We need full recognition of the new Libyan democratic state”.
 Ireland is a neutral state and it is very important for us to have strong relations with the democratic regime we hope and expect to be elected in Libya. This will be beneficial for both countries. It will be fruitful for the Irish economy to take part in building a better future for Libya.
 A letter to the Irish times newspaper

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