Thursday, December 18, 2014

Return to Constitutional Legitimacy Movement

 Return to Constitutional Legitimacy Movement
12 December, 2014
Press Release
The Return to Constitutional Legitimacy Movement (RCLM), a Libyan civil society organization whose calling for the reinstatement of the Libyan constitution of 1951 with its amendments in 1963, as a political solution to the current Libyan political crisis. The RCLM has more than 16 chapters operating nationwide, and it’s membership includes students, university faculty, ordinary people, government officials, and civic action activists.
The RCLM held its first Conference, on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 in the city of Baida under the title “Return Back to Constitutional Legitimacy: Our Optimal Choice”. The conference was attended by many tribal leaders, civil society activists, house of representatives members, and prominent personalities such as the constitutional committee chief of staff. The participants in the Conference stressed that the deteriorating situation in Libya, requires an immediate political resolution, and reinstatement of the Libyan constitution is the answer for Libya’ security and political stability.
Dr. Fathi Sikta, the national director of RCLM and chair of the conference, stressed that all RCLM chapters in more than 16 cities are now being mobilized to spread this message among the Libyan people and its civil society organizations. Another national conference will be held in Tripoli to call for the same message. The Tripoli conference will include a more wider gathering that will include Amazigh, Tuareg and Tabu. Dr. Sikta added that the educational activities organized by RCLM chapters in local communities to inform the public of its national objectives will continue in a number of cities and regions of Libya.
For his part, Dr. Sikta announced that there will be a demonstration held at Algeria Square in Tripoli on December 13th in support of the conference, and other civic action activities will

 be announced in due time.

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